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Event Requirements on Campus

Effective July 1, 2021  

These requirements will continually be monitored and updated as state, county, and SCU COVID-19 restrictions and guidance change. 

Event Hosts and Leaders

Each event requires a designated host/leader who is responsible for communicating  the current COVID-19 protocols associated with the event. 

Internal SCU Events and Meetings:  These may resume without restrictions on gathering size limits. Attendees who are not fully vaccinated are required to wear masks for indoor events. Masks are optional when indoors for fully vaccinated individuals (faculty, staff, students, contractors, visitors, guests). 

External Events and Meetings: For group gatherings that are external, (i.e., not SCU faculty, staff, student or contractor), additional restrictions may be put in place by an event manager.  For indoor events, it is recommended that attendees be notified in advance of the requirement for unvaccinated attendees to wear a mask and that masks are optional for vaccinated attendees.  It is recommended that signage be placed at the event reminding attendees of mask wearing requirements.