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Technology at SCUeCampus

Clearing Cache

After a scheduled eCampus (PeopleSoft) upgrade, you may experience issues when you use the upgraded system for the first time.  We recommend deleting your browser cache and history to avoid issues.

What is "browser cache"?

"Cache" is a place where temporary browser history is stored. All web browsers store web pages, pictures and downloads from websites you visited. This storage makes your browser run faster and more efficiently because it already has the information saved. Therefore, when you visit a website for the second time, the browser doesn’t have to completely re-load the page.

Why should I delete my browser cache?

If you don’t clear your browser cache frequently, all the stored information will continue to pile up and cause your browser to process more slowly. Furthermore, sometimes, certain links and web features work more efficiently when the browser cache is cleared.

In the case of PeopleSoft, we sometimes make changes to menus, pages and other "objects" that will not be presented unless the old versions are cleared out by clearing browser cache.


Below are links to guide you on clearing cache for your device.


Operating System

Supported Browser Version


Chrome 43 and above


Edge 25 and above


Internet Explorer 11 and above


Firefox 38 and above

Apple OS X

Safari 8 and 9

Apple iOS

Safari 8.0.2 and above


Chrome 5 and above

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