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Peer Advising for Undergraduate Business Students

The Leavey School of Business has implemented a system to pair-up incoming, first-year students with an upper-classman Peer Advisor in addition to their assigned Faculty Advisor. In partnership with the Faculty Advisor, a trained Peer Advisor will work with assigned students throughout their first academic year and help to answer academic and social questions common during the first year.  Under the direction of the Undergraduate Business Progams Office, and in conjunction with the student Peer Advising Executive Board, Peer Advisors will help provide guidance to advise on many topics, including:


(Click on the images and hear student advisors answer questions about the LSB Peer Advising Program )

What is the LSB peer advising program?

  • Campus life at Santa Clara University;
  • eCampus - the online student record system;
  • course selection and scheduling;
  • locating appropriate information in the University Bulletin and Website;
  • resources and tools for course planning;
  • effective study habits
  • referral to faculty with relevant academic and/or career information;
  • campus resources available to support academic, personal and career development;
  • getting involved in student life; and
  • general support and encouragement

How can students find a LSB peer advisor?

Freshmen will be contacted by their assigned Peer Advisor in August, prior to their arrival on campus.  An initial meeting will be scheduled for the student to meet with both their Peer Advisor and Faculty Advisor during the third week of classes. 

Additionally, Peer Advisors will staff drop-in hours in Lucas Hall 115 to answer questions about Santa Clara Univeristy and the Leavey School of Business academic requirements and regulations.   The Peer Advisors can also be contacted via email at

Becoming a Peer Advisor» Click here for more information

How do drop-in hours work?

The following is the schedule for drop-in hours in Lucas Hall 115 for the Spring 2015 Quarter. If your schedule does not allow you to attend any of these drop-in hours, you may email the Peer Advisors at and request a scheduled appointment.



 Day Time  Peer Advisor 
 1:00PM - 2:00PM  Mark Davis
 Tuesday  11:00AM - 12:00PM  Langston Williams
 Tuesday  2:00PM - 3:00PM  Tyler Eliel
 Wednesday  10:30AM - 11:30AM  Charlene Shiao
 Wednesday  1:00PM - 2:00PM  Joe Seeger
 Friday  10:30AM - 11:30AM   Chris Harder 

Congratulations to Jocelyn Garcia. Jocelyn received a $50 Amazon gift certificate as the winner of the Advising Feedback drawing for students who visited drop-in Peer Advising in Lucas Hall 115 in Winter 2015.

What kinds of things can you ask a Peer Advisor?

Questions about course/graduation requirements
What is the advantage of a student advisor?
  • Please bring a copy of your transcript and a Requirements Checklist with you to the session.

Questions about academic regulations, such as:

  • Can I overload? What is the procedure?
  • What is the minimum grade to pass a class?
  • Can I take a class Pass/No Pass?

Advice on how to get into available classes

  • How to find available classes
  • Advice on "adding" classes
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