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Leavey School of Business Santa Clara University

Your LSB Advising Team

Santa Clara University and the Leavey School of Business (LSB) expects their students to be aware of the specific core and major degree requirements necessary for graduation. SCU has many resources readily available to support you during your academic career to ensure you are familiar with the policies and procedures related to your program of study. 

Your Advising Team:

There are many individuals at Santa Clara University whose roles are designed to assist you with planning an effective curriculum.  Developing a successful graduation plan, one that will allow you to achieve your goals prior to earning your degree, requires a solid understanding of both your academic requirements and the different opportunities available for students within LSB. Here are the different advising resources for you to connect with at different points in your academic career: 

First Year
  • Pre-assigned Peer Advisor
  • Faculty Advisor for Undeclared Students
  • Drahmann Advising Center
Sophomore (Undeclared)
  • Sophomore Peer Advisor
  • Faculty Advisor for Undeclared Students
  • Drahmann Advising Center
Year 2-4 (Declared Major)
  • Assigned Faculty Advisor Within Major
  • Drahmann Advising Center

Advising Resources at the Leavey School of Business:

LSB Peer Advisors:  A team of trained business students, knowledgeable about LSB and university core requirements, can show you how to use SCU’s many advising resources, assist with course planning and selection, and answer questions regarding your undergraduate and major requirements. 

Each first year student is assigned an individual LSB Peer Advisor. Sophomores are not assigned a specific peer advisor but can choose a Peer Advisor they would like to meet with based upon their interests.

Faculty Advisors: Faculty Advisors are great resources and can serve as mentors for students in the field of business as it pertains to graduate school, research and career development. They can also assist you with curricular planning. There are two categories of LSB faculty advisors:

Faculty Advisors for Undeclared Students: LSB has a team of faculty advisors who can guide undeclared first year or sophomore students in the following areas:

  • Major discernment
  • Understanding the value of a liberal arts education
  • Academic difficulties (dropping a course, time management/study skills issues, etc.) 
  • Professional and/ or educational development
  • Major course requirements/planning (once major is declared)

Major Faculty Advisor: Once business students declare their major during their sophomore year, they will be assigned a faculty advisor within their area of study. You can find the name of your major faculty advisor on your Workday Account.

Advising Resources on Campus: 

Drahmann Academic Advising Center is open to all students. You can make an appointment online through their website. They support students in the following ways: 

  • Course planning for majors in more than one school 
  • Disabilities resources
  • Tutoring
  • Academic difficulties (dropping a course, time management/study skills issues, etc.) 
  • Major exploration

The Career Center is a great resource and you can make an appointment with a career counselor through your Handshake account.  They can assist students with:

  • Major exploration
  • Self-assessment
  • Internships and employment
  • Professional development