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Majors and Minors

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What's your major?

You'll be asked that question at family gatherings, parties, and internship interviews, so here is a quick overview and links to the academic departments that organize and administer your classes in the business school.


An influential presence in Silicon Valley, it's one of only five AACSB-accredited accounting programs in California »

Link to Accounting faculty directory »

Accounting requirements » Accounting courses from catalog »

Jointly offered with the OMIS department, the AIS major prepares students to utilize technology solutions in accounting »


Accounting and information systems requirements »


Accounting and information systems courses from catalog » 

Offered in both the School of Business and the College of Arts and Sciences, the Economics major opens doors to versatile careers »

Link to Economics faculty directory »

Economics requirements »


Economics courses from catalog » 

Many of our graduates are serving Silicon Valley companies with a degree in finance »

Link to Finance faculty directory »

Finance requirements »



Finance courses from catalog »


Individual Studies
Designed for students wishing to design their own major in Business with a multidisciplinary perspective » 

See individual studies page for requirements    

Enabling students to take a holistic view of organizations is the goal of the Management major »

Link to Management faculty directory »

Management requirements »


Management courses from catalog » 

Drawing on knowledge from economics, psychology, sociology, and finance, Marketing majors work in advertising, sales, new product development, and market research »

Link to Marketing faculty directory »

Marketing requirements »



Marketing courses from catalog »




Using computer information systems and analytical decision-making models, skills gained in the OMIS major are essential to the conduct of business »

Link to OMIS faculty directory »

OMIS requirements »



OMIS courses from catalog »

 Business Minors

The links below will take you to the academic department that administers each minor program. Faculty and staff in those departments can answer your questions about the minor as well.

Arts and Sciences Economics Minor »

Entrepreneurship Minor »

International Business Minor »

Management Information Systems (MIS) Minor »

Retail Studies Minor »