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Department ofMarketing

Academic Programs

You can choose to major in marketing, or supplement a different major with a minor in retail studies.

As a marketing student, you will have the opportunity to apply what you learn in the real-world, working with local Silicon Valley companies on team projects or in individual internships. With a degree in marketing you will develop a solid foundation for a career in business and have the basis for a more focused career in areas such as advertising, retailing, sales, brand management, and market research.

Major Requirements

All students wishing to major in marketing through the Leavey School of Business must complete both the University core curriculum requirements and the Leavey School of Business core requirements for the bachelor of science in commerce. In addition, students must complete the following departmental requirements: 

MKTG 182 5 Units Marketing Analysis
MKTG 183 5 Units Customer Behavior
Plus Three Courses in an Area of Marketing Emphasis*   Selected from the Following:

Three courses from:

  • MKTG 185, 187 (strongly recommended)
  • MKTG 175, 177, 186, 189, 190, 191 (recommended)

Three courses from:

  • MKTG 165, 175, 186 (strongly recommended)
  • MKTG 187, 189, 190, 191 (recommended)

Courses are selected with the student's marketing faculty advisor. The three required courses are typically selected from:

  • MKTG 165, 175, 178, 185, 186, 187, and 189.

*The name of the emphasis will not appear on students' transcripts. 

Note: The MKTG 198 internship elective should be designed to augment the student's career marketing goals. However, MKTG 198 cannot be substituted for an elective course in the major. 

Retail Studies Minor

To learn more about the retail studies minor, visit the Retail Management Institute. Students must complete the following requirements for a minor in retail studies:

Course Units Description
COMM 20 or MGMT 171 4-5 Units Public Speaking / Managerial Communication
ECON 1 4 Units Principles of Microeconomics
ACTG 11 4 Units  Introduction to Financial Accounting
MKTG 181 5 Units Principles of Marketing
MKTG 165 5 Units Customer-Centric Retailing
MKTG 168 5 Units Advanced Retail Seminar
MKTG 169 5 Units Advanced Retail Seminar
Summer Internship 1-5 Units BUSN 198 or other approved internship
One of the following: 4-5 Units  COMM 12, OMIS 34, or SOCI 49/149
One of the following: 4-5 Units  OMIS 40, COMM 110, PSYC 40, MATH 8/123, or AMTH 108
Focus Area   See three options below:
  • OMIS 15 or 17 (this OMIS requirement cannot be waived)
  • MGMT 160
  • ARTS 74 or 174, and ARTS 75 or 175
  • One of the following: MKTG 175, ARTS 177, OMIS 111, or OMIS 113
  • COEN 161, 162, 163
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