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Why do people buy Gucci handbags and Newman’s Own salad dressing? Why choose Coke over Pepsi? Adidas over Nike?

Marketing is a crucial part of any business, and it’s about more than just promoting products. Drawing from economics, psychology, sociology, and finance, it entails understanding the competition, connecting with customers, and building brand recognition.

We stay at the top of our field with a faculty equally steeped in research and professional experience. They’ll teach you the latest in web and mobile marketing as well as quantitative methods for gathering precise, useful data. You’ll have the chance to work on real-world projects for companies while learning to apply ethical business practices.

To develop experience beyond the classroom we promote internships at a large companies like Google and Facebook as well as local startups, and support study abroad opportunities by accepting credits from over 70 programs.

SCU Marketing grads go on to work in a range of areas from retail advertising and sales to new product development and market research to Internet marketing and supply chain management.


Marketing News

  • Charles Byers : Oakland Hires Pricey PR After Deadly Warehouse Fire : NBC

    Professor of Marketing Charles Byers was quoted in NBC’s online story about why the city of Oakland hired a pricey public relations firm in the wake of a deadly warehouse fire.

  • Kirthi Kalyanam : The Decline of Retail Chains & Amazon’s Role : Mashable

    Professor Kirthi Kalyanam was quoted in a Mashable article about the decline of retail chains and the multiple factors, including Amazon, behind it.

  • Starting out as a success

    Business seniors are being recognized for their scholarly performance and personal achievement both in the classroom and the community at this year’s Senior Awards Ceremony.