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Student Organizations

Enriching your business education

Outside of the classroom, your business education continues through your involvement with business student associations and professional business fraternities. You will develop new interests and friendships, expand your knowledge of business disciplines, broaden your networks of SCU students and alumni, and participate in professional and social events. Your work with student organizations also gives you the opportunity to expand your leadership capabilities.

Check out photos from the Fall 2019 LSB Student Associations Events here.

Connecting through the Presidents Council

The vision of the President's Council is to provide a meeting ground for leaders of student-run business organizations to collaborate and unleash their full potential. The meetings consist of updates from each member's organization to provide communication on collaboration opportunities between these student-run business-focused organizations. The second portion of President's Council consists of professional development opportunities for members. Meet the 2019-20 Presidents Council.


Leavey School of Business Student Associations

Alpha Kappa Psi is a multinational Professional Business Fraternity with chapters in three countries and over 200,000 active brothers worldwide. As brothers in AKPsi, we seek to develop principled business leaders aligned with our 5 core values; Brotherhood, Knowledge, Service, Unity, and Integrity. As members of this brotherhood, we seek to combine these values with the Jesuit tradition for excellence and the focus on conscience, competence, and compassion that we experience as students here at Santa Clara University. Click here for more information on Alpha Kappa Psi.

Delta Sigma Pi is a professional fraternity organized to foster the study of business in universities; to encourage scholarship, social activity and the association of students for their mutual advancement by research and practice; to promote closer affiliation between the commercial world and students of commerce, and to further a higher standard of commercial ethics and culture and the civic and commercial welfare of the community. Click here for more information on Delta Sigma Pi.

The SCU Student Economics Association is a student organization dedicated to offering opportunities to Economics Majors/Minors in both the School of Arts and Sciences and The Leavey School of Business. The association works organizes enjoyable and enriching events and activities that are designed to help students build relationships with professors, alumni, and each other.   More information on the association, please email

The Santa Clara University Finance Association is committed to progressing the network connections and overall development of students’ financial principals, technical skills, and education within the Santa Clara community. Through influential guest speakers, panel discussions, and bi-weekly member meetings we attempt to provide the best resources and knowledge available to further develop and strengthen our SCU Finance student body.

The ISA Student Network provides the opportunities and resources necessary for students studying MIS and Business Analytics to go beyond the classroom.  We host panels, info sessions, and resume reviews in joint ventures with Silicon Valley companies such as Accenture, Cisco, and more.  Our largest event of the year, BroncoHack, allows students to create a product that aids those in need in our local and global communities.  Anyone with an interest in the intersection between technology and business is welcome to join, no matter what major you are studying!  Click here to learn more about the club.


As LBSA, we strive to empower latinx students so they can both enter the business world and thrive in a professional environment. We also aim to create an environment where students can develop the skills they need while creating a network of resources that will continue to support them after graduation.



Our mission is to support African American/Black students and other underrepresented groups with their business affiliated aspirations through professional exposure, professional development opportunities, and community involvement.

The Microfinance organization not only educates the campus community about Microfinance, but allows students to be part of something better than a club-- a business. By donating the profits our club has made through developing and selling our own products,  we economically empower those in need. Innovation, entrepreneurship, and hard work allow us to be a profitable and charitable club. The Microfinance Organization is perfect for any student who wants to both learn about and practice business and charity. 

The Santa Clara University Real Estate Association was established in 2016 and serves as the premier Real Estate organization for SCU undergraduates. With over 200 active members, this association is the bridge between real estate centric career opportunities and provides students with concrete learning experiences. Given our size, all of our events are exclusive to active members and alumni.


The Retail Studies Program provides undergraduates in every field the necessary skills, knowledge, and contacts to begin a career in retailing as true industry insiders. Through the combination of up-to-date curriculum taught by nationally recognized faculty scholars, our strong relationships with industry executives, and an extensive support network to help students find internships and jobs after graduation, the Retail Studies Program has developed hundreds of graduates into the current and future leaders of the retailing industry. Click here to learn more about RSSA.


Santa Clara Consulting is a not for profit, student-run consulting group. We are comprised of exceptional undergraduate students at Santa Clara University to serve the community with our innovative and strategic solutions. Click here to learn more about the club.

The purpose of the club is to create a hub for students interested in VC, startups, entrepreneurship, innovation, and generate interest in VC; as well as, cultivate talent for SCU's VCIC team through education. Get involved in the VC club! Email to get started.

The Santa Clara University Accounting Association (SCUAA) is a student-run organization that provides undergraduate accounting majors with professional and social activities designed to stimulate and develop the skills and relationships essential to an accounting career.


Net Impact is a nonprofit organization that works to empower individuals and businesses, particularly student groups, to address social issues. They work with students, job seekers, professionals, and businesses to provide the resources and connections to empower a new generation to drive social and environmental change in order to build impactful careers. Click here to learn more about Net Impact.

SCU Investment Club teaches students the fundamentals of investing and personal money management.  




Santa Clara University's Sports Business is a completely student-run organization which provides students with resources and opportunities to enhance and build a career in the sports industry. This organization explores the intersection of business fundamentals with the entertainment and awe found in athletics.  Our coordinated efforts with distinguished guest speakers, alumni, and professionals help students gain a better understanding of the duties and responsibilities of a career in sports marketing, sports management, sports finance, ticket sales, operations, and sports journalism fields. Visit our website to find out more information.

The Santa Clara Investment Banking Club’s goal is to assist Santa Clara students to land jobs in Investment Banking, an industry that is both prestigious and notoriously hard to break into. The club helps students to do this by teaching them the necessary networking skills and hosting networking events that will enable them to land interviews with investment banks. Additionally, the club helps students to prepare to be successful in these challenging interviews through weekly interview prep instructional meetings. 

Weekly meetings occur Thursdays in the evenings. Feel free to reach out to us at for more info about the meeting schedule/how you can get involved!

SCU’s Undergraduate Marketing Network's (“UMark”) mission is to help students gain insight on marketing-related career paths through assisting undergrads' efforts to network with alumni and professionals in the marketing world.


Undergraduate Women in Business (WiB) is a student run network that strives to enhance the professional and academic experience of all collegiate young women. We empower our members by providing them with networking opportunities, alumni connections, leadership workshops, coffee chats with corporate executives, and a mentorship program. Our goal is to develop a community of women who have the skills and confidence necessary to succeed in whatever future career path they choose to pursue.

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