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Retail Studies Minor

Get the skills you need to succeed in retail with the Retail Studies Minor.

The Retail Studies Minor is both curriculum and experience-based programming. Our curriculum offers strong business theory in the classroom through a diverse set of core requirements covering marketing, economics, data analytics, consumer behavior and technology and information systems.


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The Retail Studies minor is open to undergraduates in all fields within the University.

We actively pursue opportunities for access to the best real-world experiences here locally in Silicon Valley, with retailer field experiences in the San Francisco Bay Area and conferences in New York and Las Vegas. All experiences are developed to give you a holistic view of the retail industry and its many career opportunities. The Retail Studies Program provides the insights and experiences to prepare for a career in the retail industry in many diverse fields including buying & merchandising, e-Commerce, planning, store management, global sourcing, supply chain, finance and information technology. We are proud to attract Retail Visionaries, Entrepreneurs and Silicon Valley Executives to Santa Clara University to connect you directly to business insights and technology evolution.

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Click here to Learn More About the RSSA Retail Studies Student Association
Retail Studies Student Association

Once accepted into the Retail Studies Program, students automatically become members of the Retail Studies Student Association (RSSA).

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RMI Internships

RMI Internships are typically paid, full-time opportunities for retail studies students to experience the culture and business of recognized, industry leading retail and tech industry innovators. 

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The RMI Minor Application

RMI offers experiences and exposure to the retail industry through industry speakers, conferences, cutting-edge curriculum, internship & career connections, scholarship opportunities, and more.

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Retail Studies Requirements

RMI provides a platform for deep collaboration between industry and leading academics into the emerging and evolving concepts impacting retail today. The knowledge generated from this collaboration forms the basis of our curriculum.


Core Courses                                    Recommended Scheduling

BUSN 179   

Computer Concepts





Data Analysis 

OMIS 40 or  PSYC 40 or MATH 8/123 or AMTH 108

or COMM 110*




Technology / Information Systems

COMM 12 or OMIS 34  or ACTG 134(or equivalent) or SOCI 49/149



Principles of Marketing

MKTG 181

Fall or Winter
Multi-Channel Retailing

MKTG 165**


BUSN 198R 

Organization and Management

MGMT 160

  ✓  ✓ 


Senior Seminar 1

MKTG 168


Senior Seminar 2

MKTG 169



  • Prerequisites for Comm 110 are Comm 1 & Comm 2
  • BUSN 70 followed by ACTG 11 as well as MKTG 181 are prerequisites to this class
  • MKTG 165 is a pre-requisite for MKTG 168 & MKTG 169



I'd love to hear from you if you have any questions about the retail studies program.

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