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Agency R


Supporting Retail Studies Student Connections, Growth, and Experiences

Agency R, created within the Retail Management Institute, reflects the points of engagement within the RMI Community through strategic focus areas designed to support the retail studies student connections, growth and experiences.

The Agency R Team collaborates across the Retail Studies Student Association (RSSA), Program Recruiting, Social Media and Program On-Boarding with each member contributing their ideas, innovative solutions and talents to provide the most amazing RMI experience for our students. With the return to in-person classes and activities, we have worked together to adjust to its changes and challenges, while supporting a strong community with impactful opportunities.

Team Agency R

Sarah Virjee - RSSA President

Sara Gershfield - Recruiting Director, Arts & Science

Cat Rayos - Recruiting Director, LSB

Regan Topel - Onboarding Director

Julia Candelario - Social Media/Marketing Director

Our Favorite Things

Picture of Sarah Virjee

My name is Sarah Virjee and I am the 2023-2024 president of the Retail Studies Student Association. I am so excited to take on this role and give back to the program that has already given me so much. Through my time in the Retail Studies program, I have learned so much about the industry I am passionate about, and what it takes to thrive in the retail space. During my year as president, I hope to continue fostering our incredible relationships with industry professionals and provide students with the opportunity for engaging conversation about the ever-changing world of retail. I am passionate about helping students feel confident in the professional world, and have no doubt that RMI is an excellent place to start. 

Sarah Virjee
RSSA President

Picture of Sarah Gershfield

I'm Sara, a senior Communication major with a passion for retail, complemented by my retail studies minor. RMI holds a special place in my heart because it brings together a diverse community of students and offers an invaluable network. Through RMI, I've had the privilege of attending enlightening discussions with industry experts and hearing firsthand experiences from fellow students who have gained remarkable insights during their retail internships. This program has been a driving force behind my decision to apply for and accept an internship at the esteemed company, Williams Sonoma Inc., where I've had the opportunity to delve into the fascinating realm of merchandising and apply my knowledge in a practical setting. 

Sara Gershfield
Recruiting Director

Picture of Cat Rayos

I love RMI because it's both a learning and bonding opportunity. I’ve been able to meet industry professionals while also getting to know others that are passionate about retail. As I head into my junior year, I’m excited to take more marketing and RMI courses related to my career goals and attend more of the amazing events we have in store!

Cat Rayos
Recruiting Director

Picture of Regan Topel

The retail management institute has given me numerous opportunities to understand the environment of the retail industry and led me to new passions within. I am lucky to take on a position with RMI so I can help others transition into this community. I am here to help with any questions that may come up with RMI and any resume help!

Regan Topel
Onboarding Director

Picture of Julia Candelario

I love how RMI has helped connect students like myself to professionals across the industry. The program has allowed me to grow professionally and I love sharing the same passions as my peers. I can’t wait to see RMI grow!

Julia Candelario
Social Media/Marketing Director