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Agency R


Supporting Retail Studies Student Connections, Growth, and Experiences

Agency R, created within the Retail Management Institute, reflects the points of engagement within the RMI Community through strategic focus areas designed to support the retail studies student connections, growth and experiences.

The Agency R Team collaborates across the Retail Studies Student Association (RSSA), Program Recruiting, Social Media and Program On-Boarding with each member contributing their ideas, innovative solutions and talents to provide the most amazing RMI experience for our students. With the return to in-person classes and activities, we have worked together to adjust to its changes and challenges, while supporting a strong community with impactful opportunities.

Team Agency R

Casey Hill - RSSA President

Sydney Olson - Recruiting Director

Samantha Santos - Graphic Design & Marketing Director

Lillie Aivars - Social Media Director

Katy Johnson - On-Boarding Director

Our Favorite Things

Navigate here to Agency R - Casey Hill

I can't wait to watch the RMI community grow this year, and have new and exciting events for all of our members! I'm particularly excited about being able to participate in the Bloomreach certification and going to Shoptalk for the first time.

Casey Hill
RSSA President

Navigate here to Agency R - Sydney Olson

My favorite part of RMI is the network that has been fostered for the students at SCU. I’ve been able to attend talks from industry professionals, as well as simply connect with peers who are interested in retail. I believe this program has opened my eyes to the endless possibilities I can have after graduation.

Sydney Olson
Director of Recruiting

Navigate here to Agency R - Lillie Aivars

My favorite part of RMI is how we can connect with individuals who share the same passion, interests, and drive in the retail industry. We collaborate with and learn from alumni, inspirational companies, and each other. I am looking forward to expanding our network throughout the business school and creating a tight-knit and inclusive community. Make sure to add us on LinkedIn and follow us on Instagram!

Lillie Aivars
Social Media Director

Navigate here to Katy Johnson - RMI Agency R

I'm a senior Management and Communications double major, and can't wait to help as you transition and grow into RMI! Feel free to ask me anything from questions about our program to help on a resume!

Katy Johnson
On-Boarding Director