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"I personally credit my internship experience with helping me to decide to pursue a career in this industry. I remain committed to the purpose of the RMI because I see the value this experience has had both for me personally as well as many other students I have observed benefit from this experience"

Mark Brashear '83, MI Advisory Board Member and Industry Consultant and Former Retail CEO

RMI accepts applications at any time during the quarter and if admitted, you will register for retail studies required courses in the quarter following your admit. This will provide you an opportunity to become an immediate part of the RMI community and to experience the Retail Studies Student Association (RSSA), events, Internship Prep, Retail Career Development, amazing connections and more. 

Application Deadlines:

Business Student

  • Fall Quarter Junior Year

Non-Business Student

  • Taken BUSN 70: Winter Quarter Sophomore Year
  • Not Taken BUSN 70: Fall Quarter Sophomore Year

We appreciate your interest in the Retail Studies Program and look forward to Meeting You.





Apply for the Minor in Retail Studies online.