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From international trade and interest rates to poverty and discrimination, the study of Economics is far-reaching. At its core, it’s about choice: How does a society use its scarce resources to produce and distribute goods and services? Who wins? Who loses? Why? 

Our curriculum will immerse you in economic theories as well as evolving areas like public policy, innovation and intellectual property, and international development.

We offer two undergraduate degrees, one through the College of Arts & Sciences, and the other through the Leavey School of Business, as well as teach foundational courses for the MBA programs.

Our students often serve as research assistants to faculty, gaining hands-on exposure to modern research questions and methods, and occasional opportunities for co-authorship.

Unlike many specialized degrees, economics opens up a broad range of career possibilities from management and finance to public policy and nonprofit work as well as prepares students for graduate study in economics, business, and law.  


Economics News

  • Starting out as a success

    Business seniors are being recognized for their scholarly performance and personal achievement both in the classroom and the community at this year’s Senior Awards Ceremony.

  • Business School Students Recognized by University

    Seven business school students received University awards this year in recognition of their contributions to the Santa Clara community.

  • Recognizing Excellence

    Four business school faculty members received this year’s Leavey Impact Awards for their extraordinary contributions to the mission of the business school and Santa Clara University.

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