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Department ofEconomics

Shin, Dongsoo

Dongsoo Shin

Department Chair,
Associate Professor, Economics

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

Dr. Shin's research covers several areas in microeconomics, including agency theory, applied game theory, organizational economics, and industrial organization.  Specific research topics include delegation and authority, dynamic incentives, optimal task design, organizational flexibility, price discrimination, and price signaling, among others.

His articles have appeared in leading academic journals in microeconomics, organizational economics and industrial organization, such as Rand Journal of Economics, Journal of Industrial Economics, International Journal of Industrial Organization, and Journal of Economics and Management Strategy.

Dr. Shin has held visiting positions at University of Mannheim, Humboldt University of Berlin, ESSEC Business School, and FGV-EBAPE, leading academic institutes in Europe and South America.  His research has been presented at numerous academic seminars, workshops, and conferences.

He teaches courses in Microeconomics, Game Theory, and Mathematical Economics.

September 2018

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