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Faculty and Staff

Academic Faculty

  • W.M. Keck Foundation Professor of Economics Mario Belotti Head Shot

    W.M. Keck Foundation Professor of Economics

    Mario L. Belotti

    macroeconomics, money & banking, development

  • Michel and Mary Orradre Professor of Economics

    Alexander J. Field

    economic history, macroeconomics, behavioral

  • Professor of Economics John Heineke Head Shot

    Professor, Economics and Business Analytics

    John M. Heineke

    microeconomics, economic theory

  • Assistant Professor of Economics Christian Helmers Head Shot

    Assistant Professor, Economics

    Christian Helmers

    innovation, digitization, law and economics

  • Assistant Professor of Economics John Ifcher Head Shot

    Assistant Professor, Economics

    John Ifcher

    behavioral, experimental, public economics

  • Associate Professor of Economics Linda Kamas Head Shot

    Department Chair
    Associate Professor, Economics

    Linda Kamas

    behavioral, experimental, gender, macroeconomics

  • Associate Professor of Economics Michael Kevane Head Shot

    Associate Professor, Economics

    Michael Kevane

    development economics, economics of gender

  • Associate Professor, Economics

    Serguei Maliar

    macroeconomics, game theory, numerical methods

  • Professor of Economics Kris Mitchener Head Shot

    Robert and Susan Finocchio Professor of Economics

    Kris James Mitchener

    economic history, international econ, finance, macro

  • Assistant Professor of Economics Lan Nguyen Head Shot

    Assistant Professor, Economics

    Thuy Lan Nguyen

    macroeconomics, open economy macro

  • Assistant Professor of Economcis Gonçalo Pina Head Shot

    Assistant Professor, Economics

    Gonçalo Pina

    international finance, macroeconomics

  • Associate Professor of Economics Helen Popper Head Shot

    Professor, Economics

    Helen Popper

    open economy macroeconomics, international finance

  • Dongsoo Shin, Economics faculty

    Associate Professor, Economics

    Dongsoo Shin

    agency theory, industrial organization, game theory

Adjunct Faculty

  • Lecturer in Economics James Airola Head Shot

    Lecturer, Economics

    James Airola

    microeconomics, international economics

  • Adjunct Lecturer of Economics Shireen Al-Azzawi Head Shot

    Adjunct Lecturer, Economics

    Shireen Al-Azzawi

    development, international trade, applied micro

  • Lecturer in Economics Adina Ardelean Head Shot

    Lecturer, Economics

    Adina Ardelean

    international trade, applied micro, applied econometrics

  • Adjunct Lecturer, Economics

    Damian Park

    microeconomics, environmental economics