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Department ofFinance

Academic Programs

The finance major at Santa Clara University will prepare you for success in making and managing financial decisions.

You will learn not only the theory of finance, but the practice of finance in the real world. We will teach you how to apply the skills you learn to meet the ever-increasing complexity and demands of today's industry. Keeping with the university's Jesuit tradition, as a finance major you will examine how ethics and finance shape each other; and the role you, as a future business leader, will play in this process.

You can also minor in Real Estate through the finance department. Real estate is critical in maintaining the economic vitality of Silicon Valley and improving the standard of living. With an increasing need for accommodation of both residential and commercial real estate services for young generations, new home buyers, entrepreneurs, and immigrants, Silicon Valley is confronted with the challenge of offering affordable housing and support for social facilities and organizations - challenges that can only be solved with the resources and competence of the real estate industry. Real estate minor provides undergraduate students from across the university opportunities to develop fundamental skills that can help them create and lead real estate companies to tackle these challenges.

Major Requirements

All students wishing to major in finance through the Leavey School of Business must complete both the University core curriculum requirements and the Leavey School of Business core requirements for the bachelor of science in commerce. In addition, students must complete the following departmental requirements: 

Course Units Description
FNCE 124 5 Units Investments
FNCE 125 5 Units Corporate Financial Policy
4 upper-division finance electives   Excluding FNCE 118, 127, and 129

Real Estate Minor

The finance department also offers a minor in real estate for both business majors and non-business majors at the University. This program supports undergraduate students from across the University as they explore and develop fundamental skills that can help them create and lead real estate companies. 

The real estate minor has the following requirements:

  • FNCE 118 - Prerequisites: 88+ units (junior/senior standing) or ACTG 11 (business majors) / ACTG 11A (non-business majors)
  • Four courses from:
    • FNCE 127 (Prerequisites FNCE 118 & FNCE 121 or 121S)
    • FNCE 128 (Prerequisites FNCE 121 or 121S & FNCE 124)
    • FNCE 129 (Prerequisites FNCE 121 or 121S)
    • FNCE 143 (Prerequisites FNCE 121 or 121S & FNCE 124)
    • ECON 156 (Prerequisites ECON 3, OMIS 41 or ECON 41 & ECON 42
    • ENVS 128

Non-business students minoring in real estate must also complete the following requirements as prerequisites for the finance real estate electives:

  • FNCE 121 (Prerequisites ACTG 11A & OMIS 40 or Math 8)
  • ACTG 11A (non-business majors)
  • BUSN 70 or BUSN 170

*Note for finance majors: FNCE 118, 127 and 129 will not meet upper-division elective requirements for the finance major.

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