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Individual Studies Major in Business FAQs

Frequently asked questions about the Individual Studies Business major:

1. What is my degree?

You will receive a Bachelor of Science in Commerce (BSC) degree.

2. If I major in Individual Studies in the Business School, can I have a second major within the Business School?

No, but you can have a second major outside the Business School, such as Mathematics, Political Science, or Economics in the College of Arts and Sciences.

3. How is my major listed on my transcript/ diploma?

Your major will be Individual Studies (your specific individual title is not listed).

4. How is my major GPA calculated?

The major GPA is calculated using the 8 upper-division courses specified in your contract.

5. Will my degree audit show which courses I have and have not completed toward the IS major?

No: You are responsible for keeping track of this yourself.

6. Can the upper-division courses required for my IS major double-dip with other requirements?

The 8 upper-division courses (at least 4 of which must be in the Business School) cannot be required courses in the Leavey School core (namely: BUSN 179, FNCE 121, MGMT 160, MKTG 181, OMIS 108, MGMT 162). They may overlap with other University requirements if a compelling case is made for their inclusion in the IS major.