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Lead with Confidence and Conscience

How do you manage a company in a complex and turbulent business environment? Our flexible curriculum aims prepare you to think strategically, act responsibly, manage diverse teams, and stay at the forefront of innovation.

As the largest department in the business school, we offer core courses for all undergraduate business majors, MBA, and master’s programs. From learning to manage individual human resource issues to designing the organizational structure of a global company, the breadth of our program allows you to lead at any level. 

Our undergraduate management majors take a rigorous foundation of courses to foster innovative ideas and efficiently work in a variety of organizational structures.  We emphasize management as a deliberate practice wherein graduates are theoretically informed, technically skilled, and imbued with a sense of responsibility and care for all stakeholders and the public good.  And there is no better place than Silicon Valley to learn about Entrepreneurship and Leading Innovative Organizations through our MBA concentrations.

You’ll take classes from faculty who actively balance scholarship with practice. They invite Silicon Valley executives into the classroom, engage in research that directly benefits local and global companies, serve in leadership roles for the Academy of Management, and hold editorial positions in our fields’ top journals.

Our graduates are highly desired by Silicon Valley firms because we train students to foster innovative ideas and efficiently work in a variety of organizational structures.

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    Emily Monroe

    Congratulations to the recipient of the Outstanding Student in Management Award.

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