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Faculty & Staff

Academic Faculty

  • Accounting Professor Michael Calegari Head Shot

    Director, Center for Accounting Research and Education Associate Professor, Accounting

    Michael Calegari

  • Department Chair,
    Robert and Barbara McCullough Professor of Accounting

    Yongtae Kim

  • Accounting Professor Siqi Li Head Shot

    Associate Professor of Accounting,
    Ernst & Young Faculty Research Fellow

    Siqi Li

  • Accounting Professor Jane Ou Head Shot

    Associate Professor, Accounting

    Jane Ou

  • Accounting Professor Susan Parker Head Shot

    Professor of Accounting,
    KPMG Accounting Research Fellow

    Susan Parker

Adjunct Faculty

  • Accounting Professor Chris Paisley Head Shot

    Dean's Executive Professor of Accounting, Accounting

    Chris Paisley


  • Senior Administrative Assistant, Center for Accounting Research and Education

    Deanna Sisneros