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First Year Course Planning Guidelines

First Year Guidelines for Business Students

BUSN 70 - Fall First Year  
Critical Thinking and Writing I Critical Thinking and Writing II
Cultures and Ideas I Culture and Ideas II
Math 30 (or Math 11) Math 31 (or Math 12)

Most business students take the MATH 30/31 sequence. Business students or Economics majors desiring to take mathematics beyond the two required courses of calculus should take MATH 11/12 instead in order to satisfy the prerequisites to more advanced mathematics courses. 


ECON 1 also satisfies social science requirement in university core.

Religion, Theology & Culture I Religion, Theology & Culture II

Courses in all of the above tables must be taken in sequence due to prerequisites.

OMIS 15 (2 units)

MGMT 6 or PHIL 6 or PHIL 26 (also satisfies ethics requirement in university core)

OMIS 34 (also satisfies science, technology and society requirement in university core)

Students who may be considering an Accounting major or Management Information Systems (MIS) major
or minor should speak to an advisor before taking this class.

2nd Language

Course completion or proficiency to first-year, second course (e.g. SPAN 2)

Lab Science




  • You will not complete ALL of the courses listed above in the first year. These are simply suggested courses.
  • By the end of Spring Quarter, first year, you should have completed a minimum of 44-46 units.
  • A score of 4 or 5 in AP statistics yields SCU credit in MATH 8 or OMIS 40.
    • If you receive AP credit for OMIS 40 you must complete OMIS 15 before you enroll in OMIS 41 or
      ECON 41/42 (ECON majors only).
  • You must declare a major no later than the spring quarter of your sophomore year. Please utilize resources (Faculty Advisor, Career Center, and Department Chairs) to help you begin to make this decision.
  • The School of Business strictly enforces prerequisites. It is your responsibility to plan your schedule accordingly.