Santa Clara University


Featured Projects

Design of Agile Base Stations

Cellular phones are a key technology in the Digital Age. Because of the high cost of setting up and maintaining a cellular network, this technology is often only available to the wealthy. The required infrastructure is often not present in developing nations or only in wealthy, urban areas. JoAnne Holliday and Sarah Kate Wilson propose to investigate the feasibility of turn-key base-stations for cellular networks. Such base-stations can extend existing infrastructure in urban areas to under-serviced areas for very little additional cost to the cellular provider. They are developing algorithms for frequency and code assignment and for routing decisions for a low-cost, turn-key base-station.

Visualization and Navigation of Data Repositories

Peter Bergstrom (master's student) and Darren Atkinson are working on finding new ways to visualize and navigate large data repositories such as the digital libraries of ACM and IEEE. Peter started this work as his undergraduate thesis by looking at the papers in a single conference, and hopes to extend its scope. We want to look at handling larger amounts of data and also different types of data, such as source code and images.

Recruitment and Retention of Underrepresented Populations in Computing and Engineering.

Ruth Davis is working with Kieran Sullivan (Psychology Dept) on a longitudinal study on retention of engineering students. Dr. Davis is also working with the Anita Borg Institute, the National Center for Women in Information Technology, MentorNet, and the Society of Women Engineers on a variety of programs to recruit and retain women and minority students.

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