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Using Your ACCESS Credentials On Campus

Where can I use my ACCESS Credential on Campus?

The more you know about your ACCESS Credential, the better it will work for you.  ACCESS Credential use can vary by time spent on campus, available plans and eating habits.  For more information about ACCESS accounts, please see ACCESS Credential Account Information.

Resident Dining, Dining Plus and Flex are accepted at these SCU dining venues:

  • The Bronco
  • Cadence Cyber Café
  • Café 455
  • Cellar Market Convenience Store
  • The Marketplace
  • Mission Bakery Café
  • The Side Bar Cafe
  • Sunstream Café

For more information regarding SCU dining options and venue hours please visit Dining Services.

Your Flex account is accepted at the these campus locations:

Adobe Lodge Faculty Club

Buck Shaw & Leavey Concessions

Campus Bookstore

Campus Safety (Parking Permits)

Copy Machines

Network Printing Services

Residence Hall Laundry Centers

Vending machines




Library Use

Your ACCESS card is accepted at the Heafey Law Library (Law students only) and the University Library (after hours) to check out books and other library materials.


Students receive $48 per academic year on on their ACCESS card's SmartPrint account for printing use on campus networked printers. The total summer Smartprint allotment is $16.  Once depleted, the Flex account must be used for printing use.  

Facilities Access 

Privileges are automatically assigned to individuals who may utilize specialized campus facilities. There is no need to bring your card to the ACCESS Office unless normally allowed access has been denied.

Alumni Science Building and Animal Lab

Arts and Science Building

Bannan Engineering

Bannan Law lounge and classrooms

Cowell Health Center

Engineering Design Center

Heafey Law Library

Late Night Learning Commons access 

Leavey Activities Center

Lucas Hall

Mayer Theater

Pat Malley Fitness Center

Performing Arts Center

Residence Halls

Schott Stadium

Support Services building

Tennis Courts

Varsi Hall 

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