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Anahu, William

William Anahu '40
  • Sport: Football
  • Years Attended: 1936-1940
  • 1937 All-Pacific Coast Team Honorable Mention
  • 1938 All-Pacific Coast Team Selection
  • 1938 Sugar Bowl Champion
  • Inducted in 1970

Born and raised in Hawaii, William Anahu, was hailed as the best end on the Pacific Coast by Coach Buck Shaw. As an essential member of the Bronco football team, Anahu and his teammates won the Sugar Bowl in 1938. He was also recognized as an Honorable Mention member of the All-Pacific Coast Team by the United Press in 1938 before joining the team in 1939. Following graduation, he was selected to play in Chicago’s annual College All-Star Game. Anahu enlisted in the military during WWII and gave his life in service to our country as a Fighter Pilot in the Philippines.

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