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Berscheidt, Joanne

Joanne Berscheidt '66
  • Sport: Volleyball, Basketball, Tennis
  • Years Attended: 1962-1966
  • Inducted 1980

Joanne Berscheidt was standout athlete for the Broncos and a trailblazer for women’s athletics at SCU. Berscheidt was Pre-Title IX, a time where it was nearly impossible to standout as a female athlete, but Berscheidt transcended that barrier. Berscheidt, participated in three sports while at SCU: Volleyball, Basketball, and Tennis. She was an all-around athlete, but excelled at Basketball, and was awarded the team's most valuable player in the 1965-66 season. After SCU, she was not finished being a trailblazer. Berscheidt at a young age went into politics and became an active member in the United States Senate. Berscheidt was a role model not just from her work ethic towards athletics, but from her willingness to never give up in times where the system did not favor her.

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