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Dougherty, Phil

Phil Dougherty '38
  • Sport: Football
  • Inducted in 1962
  • Pro Bowler

“Flying” Phil Dougherty gave it all on the field as his nickname hints.  Dougherty was a undersized lineman standing at 5’10 and weighing 185, but made up for it with his scrappiness. Before he was the captain of the team, Dougherty was nominated an All-American for being one of the best centers in the Pacific Coast. He played with skill rather with brute force. This helped him in his junior season where he blocked 7 kicks in 8 games. This caught the eye of many NFL scouts, and in 1938 he was drafted by the Chicago Cardinals. During his career in the NFL, he made the Pro Bowl once before retiring and returning home to become the principal at Santa Clara High School for 21 years.

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