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Farasyn, Lou

Lou Farasyn '38
  • Sport: Football
  • Inducted in 1981
  • Captain of 1937 Sugar Bowl Champions

Lou Farasyn was a 5’11, 190-pound guard who, despite his small stature, would go down as one of the best blockers on his team. It was Farasyn’s consistently solid downfield blocking and his intelligent mind that led him to be captain of the 1937 Sugar Bowl Champion Broncos. Farasyn used his smarts off the field too, as he was an “A” student and one of the best debaters at the school. At graduation, Farasyn was awarded the Nobili medal for his outstanding achievement in academic performance, personal character, school activities, and constructive contribution to the University. After graduating, he went on to law school while coaching under Buck Shaw. Farasyn will also be remembered and thanked for his priceless contributions to the Broncos football team during some of their “winningest” years. 


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