International Students and Scholars

International Students and Scholars (ISS) in the Global Engagement area provides international students with immigration support for F-1 and J-1 visas, as well as intercultural and academic support to ensure success in their studies on campus and in post-graduation employment.

As soon as international students confirm their attendance at SCU, ISS begins supporting international F-1 and J-1 students throughout their immigration process. This includes providing initial documents to help students obtain their visa to attend SCU. ISS also supports international students in other visa categories who wish to change their status to F-1, as well as international students who are Global Nomads (U.S. passport holders living abroad). All international students participate in International Student Welcome (ISW), a robust orientation program that supplements the new student orientation program. ISS and Global Engagement deliver programming that supports international student success related to immigration, intercultural competency, and post-graduation employment. Examples of recent programming include quarterly immigration workshops, Employment Bootcamp, our U.S. Cultural Conversations series, the iExchange program, and the international graduation reception.

International Students and Scholars is part of the Global Engagement Unit, which provides leadership, strategic planning, coordination, and resources for expanding intercultural and international initiatives across campus to enhance global engagement.

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