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Career Center, Santa Clara University


*****Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Treks are currently paused. If you're interested in hosting a Virtual Trek, please reach out to us at *****

Provide students with insight into your organization and culture by hosting a trek to your campus. Based on our experience and student feedback, successful treks:

  • Showcase what’s unique about your organization that can’t easily be found on your website.
  • Provide insight into the different kinds of opportunities and the recruitment process within your organization for an intern or a new grad.
  • Provide an opportunity to meet with representatives (alumni if possible!) from different aspects of your organization
  • Allow time for a demo of your product or service to help students understand the work you do.
  • Guide students through a tour of your campus, including unique and relevant features to your organizational culture, your industry, and/or your work.


Interested in hosting a trek? Send us an email at