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Student Researchers in Costa Rica

Student Researchers in Costa Rica

Michelle Bezanson

In the field: Costa Rica

Researchers in Zambia
Michelle Bezanson has had an eventful year. During summer 2015, she worked in Zambia (photo at left) and Costa Rica. She and Allison McNamara (SCU, 2015) explored a new field site to examine juvenile vervet monkey locomotion. It was an amazing experience that involved broken bones (everyone is fine) and new field challenges. The vervet monkeys were no longer in the area (due to many factors) but the field research team learned how they can approach future research at this site. They were very lucky to see vervet monkeys, civets, and genets on our camera traps. This summer Michelle will explore two new field sites, one in Honduras and one in Costa Rica. She is developing new research questions on how neotropical monkeys influence the forest. During the 2014-2015 academic year, Michelle provided illustrations for three books in biological anthropology. These illustrations can be found on her website.