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Department ofChemistry and Biochemistry


Abbyad Lab

In the Chemistry & Biochemistry lab of Paul Abbyad

The Abbyad lab uses small devices, microfluidic chips, to study chemical and biological systems. We have a dynamic lab that includes Ivy Hernandez (2018), Rachel Law (2017), Daniel Horvath (2017), David Pluhar (2016), Thomas George (2016), Ian Smeenk (2016), Keiko Montenegro (2016), and Amy Sun (masters in 2016). All of which participated in summer research this past year!

Congrats to Rachel, recipient this year of a Clare Booth Luce Research Scholar awards! Students in the lab presented several poster and presentations on campus and also at the ACS Annual Northern California Undergraduate Research Symposium held this year at UCSC.

We also had success beyond the Bay Area with two papers accepted in the peer-review journal Analytical Chemistry in June 2015 and in February 2016. Congrats on the hard work and dedication of the student co-authors: Julia Nguyen (2014), Ian Smeenk and Amy Sun. Our lab’s work was also accepted at a talk at the microTAS conference held this past October in Gyeongju, Korea. This conference brings together about a thousand researchers in the field of microfluidic devices applied to chemistry and biology. This was a unique opportunity to showcase our work to a large international audience of researchers.

Lastly some quick updates on some of the lab alumni: Julia Nguyen will be starting pharma school next fall, and Casandra Sowash (2015) has started graduate school in chemistry at UC Santa Cruz. Best of luck!