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Department ofChemistry and Biochemistry


Alumni Updates 2017

Ryan Cheu (2012)  is finishing up his second year in the Pharmaceutics PhD program at the University of Washington (in Seattle).

Christopher Rose (2010) wrote us:  After completing my PhD in Analytical Chemistry at the University of Wisconsin in the lab of Joshua Coon, I performed post-doctoral research in the department of Cell Biology at Harvard Medical School in the lab of Steven Gygi.  Recently, I accepted a Scientist position at Genentech in the division of Research and Early Development. In addition moving back to California, I will be getting married this summer to a fellow Santa Clara alumni Ashley Cummock ('09). Congratulations and good luck to Chris and Ashley!

From the class of 2016:  Jane Nazareno  will start pharmacy school at University of Washington in Seattle in Fall 2017; Ashley Nepomuceno got into Pharmacy School for Fall 2017;  Alex Owyoung got into Dental School for Fall 2017 

From  Mark-Phillip Pebworth (2014):  This year at UCSF, I’ve been trying out a number of labs to determine my thesis work. So far, I’ve worked in brain cancer transcriptomics, spinal cord development, and now I’m researching the effect of Zika virus on brain development in the lab of Arnold Kriegstein. It’s not fully determined, but I hope to join this current lab.

Steven Choquette, Ph.D.  wrote that he should have checked in a long time ago! His mentors were Dr. Larry Nathan and Dr. Sweeney and many from electrical engineering.   Steve Choquette (SCU Chemistry 1980) has worked at the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) for nearly 30 years and is now the Director of the Office of Reference Materials.

From Barbara Larsen: Thank you for your note. I graduated from Santa Clara in 1978. I have been part of DuPont’s central analytical group for over 32 years working on the interface of mass spectrometry with the biological groups. Most recently I’ve received recognition as one of the top 50 Analytical Scientists for 2016 (  Barbara Larsen  ▪  DuPont Corporate Center for Analytical Sciences, Technology Fellow