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Child Studies Program

The Child Studies (CHST) major is designed for undergraduates interested in careers working with children, youth, and families in school or community settings. The curriculum encompasses a social-justice, anti-racist, and cultural competence perspective, all constructs that are critical for the 21st century.  As a complement to the curriculum, CHST majors work extensively in local schools and community-based programs.

CHST majors earn a Bachelor of Science degree and are prepared to matriculate to graduate studies in fields such as teacher education, social work, counseling, psychology, and law. CHST advisors can provide information about teaching credential programs and many other vocations requiring further graduate or professional school education. Our CHST alumni pursue careers in social work, teaching, counseling, family law, speech and language pathology, occupational therapy, or nonprofit agencies that provide community services to children, youth, and families.

Student Spotlight

Gaby Fernandez-Escobar

Hear about Gaby's work with children and teaching

Mac Mann-Wood
Mac Mann-Wood

Hear more about Mac's research on abolition

Kat Kuwada

Hear more about Kat's research on racial inequality in education

    Our faculty is committed to addressing the myriad issues affecting marginalized populations: education policy, the pre-school to prison pipeline, socio-emotional processes, political dynamics, community organizing, institutional change, and so much more.

    The CHST Department

    Faculty Spotlight

    Brett Solomon

    Read more about our new Child Studies Director Dr. Solomon and her work on creating the new generation of "fire starters"

    Omar Davila Jr.

    Read more about Professor Davila's work on educational inequality and as Director of FTP.

      Elizabeth Day

      Hear more about Day's certification as a hypnotherapist

      Barbara Burns

      Hear more about Burns' research

      Kristin Kusanovich

      Read Kusanovich's recent article on what non-corporate, non-commercial, non-competitive dance for children

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