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Child Studies

Child Studies Happenings

Tips for majors, research opportunities, community service opportunities, summer employment opportunities and post-graduation options. Spring 2016

This program is designed for students wishing to pursue a career as an elementary school teacher or those seeking a broad education in liberal arts and sciences.

The Child Studies program offers a broad-based education in six areas: language arts, mathematics, natural sciences, history and social sciences, humanities, and child development. Students augment this broad curriculum with a concentration in a chosen field of study.

Education courses with hands-on classroom experiences are integrated within the curriculum. A senior seminar synthesizes the learning that has taken place over the course of four years.

Engaged Education for Social Justice

Liberal Studies students are “on fire for justice”! They are “compassion in action” for children and families.

Community-Engaged Research with Children and Families

Students in the Liberal Studies Program can work with faculty on research teams and experience first hand the excitement of community-engaged research with children and families.

Engaged Teaching

Students engage in hands-on, experiential, collaborative, and purposeful projects in each of their Liberal Studies courses.