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Child Studies Program

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The major in Child Studies offers a degree leading to the Bachelor of Science in Child Studies. The Child Studies major is designed for undergraduates interested in a career working with children in community or school-based settings.

The Child Studies major offers a ‘whole person’approach children with:

  • Depth of knowledge of children in their contexts of school, family and community

  • Innovation in cultural competence and humility and in the study of mindfulness with children

  • A two-quarter sequence to expose students with skills to apply quantitative and qualitative research methods to real problems related to children

  • Only 18 requirements—making additional specialization in a single subject or another major or minor possible with advanced planning

  • Many opportunities to create specializations in topics within an area of interest such as psychology, public health, language, single subject teaching, etc.

  • Innovative, best-practice preparation for careers with children in schools and community settings

  • Opportunities to join research teams and promote social justice

Contact Barbara Burns, Director of Child Studies, to talk more about this exciting major!

Child Studies Major

To declare a major, fill out the SCU Registrar's Program Petition form.