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Child Studies Program

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The major in Child Studies offers a degree leading to the Bachelor of Science in Child Studies. The Child Studies major is designed for undergraduates interested in a career working with children, youth, and families in community and school-based settings. Many of our students go on to pursue graduate studies in fields such as:

  • Social work

  • Teaching

  • Counseling

  • Family law

  • Speech and language pathology

  • Occupational therapy

  • Nonprofit organizations

  • Government and public policy

  • And more!

The major prepares students for these fields by taking courses that:

  • Develop qualitative and quantitative research skill sets

  • Employ anti-racist, social justice, and cultural competence perspectives

  • Examine social, political, and economic issues affecting marginalized communities

  • Encourage students to grow in their leadership skills through courses on compassionate and mindful leadership

  • Identify the gaps in education through community-based research approaches and propose solutions

The Child Studies major is perfect for any student interested in working with diverse populations, identifying and solving problems, and learning how to become an advocate and a voice for those who lack one. Our professors are eager and willing to add students to their research teams, and more information about each professor’s research interests can be found in their Faculty Spotlights. Furthermore, because of its 18-course curriculum, it is possible to major or minor in an additional field with planning, which can be found at the Drahmann center or from one-on-one student planning meetings with assigned Child Studies faculty.

Contact Tim Urdan, Chair of the Child Studies Department, to learn more about this exciting major! 

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Contact Us

Tim Urdan, Ph.D., Department Chair
Janet Borrison, Academic Department Manager
Phone: 408-554-4792

Location: The Department of Child Studies is located in Alumni Science Hall 238.