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Child Studies Program

News & Events

SCU Students Bring Education to Life through the Imaginarium

Day’s Child Studies course aims to “be of service to the community” through virtual reality

First-Year Student Finds Space for Herself at SCU

Thanking students and profs, Lauren Davis ‘22 happy to call SCU home

Focus on the Future
Focus on the Future

Child Studies Program Evolves to Meet Changing Needs of Students

Engaged Education for Social Justice

Child Studies students are “on fire for justice”! They are “compassion in action” for children and families.

Community-Engaged Research with Children and Families

Students in the Child Studies Program can work with faculty on research teams and experience first hand the excitement of community-engaged research with children and families.

Engaged Teaching

Students engage in hands-on, experiential, collaborative, and purposeful projects in each of their Child Studies courses.