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Engaged Teaching

Students practice peer-to-peer teaching after developing motivating and creative presentations and lessons involving the latest technological tools. Successful local and state leaders visit classrooms sharing their expertise in social work, psychology, teaching, medicine, child advocacy, law, public health, government, human services, day care and community services. These experiences give students a first hand glimpse into post graduate career opportunities. Students are of service in classrooms, gardens, social work agencies, community centers and more. Internships and practicing their own style of mindful leadership and cultural competence is essential as they pursue careers in demanding fields. Students have access to coordinating with multiple contacts across campus-- Engineers without Borders, The Forge Garden, Into the Wild, Camp Kesem, and Resilient Families Project to name a few. Faculty and students work side by side as local and global change agents. This is engaged teaching and learning at its best. Come join us!