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Child Studies Program


Brett Solomon

Brett Solomon

Brett Solomon

Read more about our new Child Studies Director Dr. Solomon and her work on creating the new generation of "fire starters"

With an emphasis on cultural competence and compassion, Dr. Brett Solomon is molding the next generation of “fire starters” through her work in Child Studies. Dr. Solomon is our new Director of Child Studies and teaches several courses, including Introduction to Child Studies (CHST 3) and Middle Childhood, Family & Community (CHST 102). Her teaching philosophy emphasizes the importance of becoming culturally aware and helping students grow their critical awareness, thinking, and action with respect to children and families in schools and broader communities. In line with the mission of Child Studies, her classes also focus on the importance and role of social justice and advocacy in support of marginalized groups. These values are also seen in her research interests, which include dismantling the preschool-to-prison pipeline, implicit bias among child studies pre-professionals, and African American perspectives of exclusionary discipline practices. 

Read more about her work, research, and publications in her blog.

Read more about her being honored by Rep. Ro Khanna here and about her work "On Being 'Maladjusted to Justice'" here

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