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Child Studies Program


Community-Engaged Research with Children and Families

Students in the Child Studies Program can work with faculty on research teams and experience first hand the excitement of community-engaged research with children and families.

Child Studies faculty members collaborate with school and community leaders and conduct research to address the critical needs of children and families in underserved communities. For example, on Barbara Burns’s research team, called the Resilient Families Project, students participate in all aspects of a research project designed to promote family attachment, stress management and strong attention skills. Child Studies students learn about the science of resilience, and learn to co-facilitate workshops with parents and children to promote resilience using family games, crafts and books. Students evaluate the effectiveness of the workshops and then present research discoveries at local, national and international research conferences. Participation on research teams in Child Studies builds social justice values, personal leadership, communication skills, computer and library skills, and is fun!

1st Annual Compassion in Action for Children Research Day

1st Annual Compassion in Action for
Children Research Day

Five smiling individuals standing indoors, titled 'Engaged Students 6'.
Students work on research teams
Students travel to conferences presenting their work