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Department ofCommunication


Our state-of-the-art production facilities give students the chance to understand and use the equipment and software that leads to jobs in film and television, public relations, journalism, education, and a variety of other fields.

Students have 24/7 access to the Digital Filmmaking Program's facilities located on the first floor of Vari Hall, including a 2,200 sq. foot broadcast television studio; separate audio and video control rooms; eight private editing bays; a Mac Lab with 10 editing stations; and an equipment room with more than 20 high-definition cameras.

The studio provides a hands-on classroom for all of our film and television courses, and a production space for students outside of class. Equipped with a fully loaded lighting grid and green-screen, students are able to build sets or record in a "virtual" environment.

Students shoot their films with state-of-the-art Canon HD Digital Cinema Cameras and Panasonic HD broadcast cameras along with the latest LED lighting equipment and digital sound recorders.

Our post-production facilities are powered by the entertainment industry's leading editing platform, Avid™. Once students complete our Introduction to Digital Filmmaking (COMM 30) course they have access to private, advanced editing bays all connected to a 32TB central server. High-end graphics and animation are made possible by using Adobe Creative Cloud applications such as After Effects and Illustrator available in each of these advanced editing bays.