Department ofCommunication

Life After SCU

Our graduates pursue their life’s work through a wide variety of careers. Some go directly into film and television, journalism, public relations and corporate communication, graphic design, magazines, and web site development. Many graduates also choose other areas, such as law, social work, human relations, retail management, education, and other fields that demand excellent skills in interpersonal, visual, and written communication. We support students by offering extensive advising by faculty mentors, the University’s Career Center, and regular meetings on how to apply to graduate school. In each of these forums, we help students think about how their particular interests and talents can best meet the needs of society.

Protecting the Innocent

Melissa Segura wins prestigious George Polk journalism award for stories focused on the wrongly accused.

A Writer's Life

Author Joe Tone reflects on his first book, the importance of journalism, and life at SCU.

Winning the Pulitzer

Tatiana Sanchez, who won a Pulitzer Prize in April, got her start in journalism courses and at The Santa Clara student newspaper.

The Hollywood Connection

Communication Department film students get a chance to work with Oscar winners and SCU graduates Blye Pagon Faust and Arthur Schmidt.

Reporting What Matters

Tech journalist Kurt Wagner '12 reflects on his favorite class at SCU and his most rewarding story.

Jeremy Herb
Life After SCU: Jeremy Herb

Former student newspaper editor reports from Washington, D.C.

Life after SCU: Liam Satre-Meloy

Communication Department graduate co-produces "The Motel Life" starring Dakota Fanning.