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Faculty Research & Creative Projects

Faculty members pursue a wide variety of scholarly research projects, film and journalism work, and other creative endeavors, often working side-by-side with students. As teaching, research, and production assistants, our students have more opportunities to co-teach, co-publish, and co-create with the faculty than at programs in which undergraduates have to compete with graduate students for the faculty's attention. These experiences give our students an advantage in the job market and in getting into graduate schools.

Talking About Faith

The Christianity and Communication Studies Network interviewed Paul Soukup, S.J. for their podcast series on essential questions in faith and communication.

Bystander Intervention

Faculty members are working with students to reduce violence through their teaching, creative work, and service.

The Intersection of India and America

Rohit Chopra reflects on political and cultural trends in India and how they intersect with life in the United States in a series of articles and interviews.

Real Lives and Educational Equity

Christine Bachen and Chad Raphael worked with professors in other departments at SCU to reveal how game-based learning could help close the achievement gap in civic education.

James Caan on Communication

Professor Mike Whalen interviews iconic actor James Caan about inhabiting roles, trusting your instincts, the importance of conflict in a scene and more.

Documenting Our World

Communication Department faculty are creating documentary films that capture the nuance and complexity of modern life by exploring diversity, sexual assault, and what it means to be part of a family.