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Department ofCommunication

Faculty Research & Creative Projects

Faculty members pursue a wide variety of scholarly research projects, film and journalism work, and other creative endeavors, often working side-by-side with students. As teaching, research, and production assistants, our students have more opportunities to co-teach, co-publish, and co-create with the faculty than at programs in which undergraduates have to compete with graduate students for the faculty's attention. These experiences give our students an advantage in the job market and in getting into graduate schools.

Creative Energy

Andrew Ishak made 52 short films in a single year. It wasn't always easy, but it was definitely worth it.

The Voice of Change

Nico Opper worked with students to create When I Write It, a film that examines race, culture, and creativity

Flint Water Plant tower
Democracy and Environmental Justice

SCU students are working with Communication Department faculty to understand and promote environmental justice.

Feminist Filmmakers

Tricia Creason-Valencia discusses increasing inclusion and diversity in the film industry.

Crisis Team

Andrew Ishak examines how firefighters communicate and gain experience while performing a dangerous job.

Finding Connections

Fr. Paul Soukup, S.J., is honored for his exploration of theology and communication.