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Department of Environmental Studies and Sciences

CJ Gabbe

C.J. Gabbe

Associate Professor

Ph.D., 2016, University of California, Los Angeles

C.J. Gabbe is an Associate Professor in ESS. C.J.’s past and ongoing research focuses on three major topics in modern urban planning: (1) land use regulatory effectiveness and design; (2) housing and environmental quality; and (3) climate change vulnerability. Most of C.J.’s research is focused on the western United States. He teaches courses related to sustainable urban planning, environmental policy, and geographic information systems (GIS).

C.J. has a Ph.D. in Urban Planning from UCLA (2016), a Master of Urban Planning degree from the University of Washington (2006), and a bachelor’s degree in Planning, Public Policy, and Management from the University of Oregon (2001). He is a member of the American Institute of Certified Planners (AICP) and has more than 10 years of professional experience in planning and public policy.



ENVS 101: Capstone Seminar

ENVS 116: Introduction to GIS

ENVS 117: Intermediate GIS

ENVS 122: Environmental Politics and Policy

ENVS 128: Sustainable Urban Planning


Selected Publications

Refereed journal articles

Gabbe, C. J., Kevane, M., & Sundstrom, W. (2021). The effects of an “urban village” planning and zoning strategy in San Jose, California. Regional Science and Urban Economics, 88, 103648.

Gabbe, C. J., & Pierce, G. (2020). Extreme heat vulnerability of subsidized housing residents in California. Housing Policy Debate, 30(5), 843–860.

Gabbe, C. J., Pierce, G., & Clowers, G. (2020). Parking policy: The effects of residential minimum parking requirements in Seattle. Land Use Policy, 91.

Gabbe, C. J., Pierce, G., & Oxlaj, E. (2020). Subsidized households and wildfire hazards in California. Environmental Management, 66(5), 873-883.

Gabbe, C. J., (2019). Changing residential land use regulations to address high housing prices: Evidence from Los Angeles. Journal of the American Planning Association, 85(2), 152-168.

Gabbe, C. J., Oxlaj, E., & Wang, J. (2019). New housing development and near-roadway air pollution: Assessing risks and mitigation policies in San Jose, California. Journal of Transport and Health, 13, 78-89.

Gabbe, C. J. (2017). Why are regulations changed? A parcel analysis of upzoning in Los Angeles. Journal of Planning Education and Research, 38(3), 289–300.

Gabbe, C. J., & Pierce, G. (2017). Hidden costs and deadweight losses: Bundled parking and residential rents in the metropolitan United States. Housing Policy Debate, 27(2), 219–229.

Curriculum Vitae - C.J. Gabbe, Associate Professor

In the News

April 2, 2023

C.J. Gabbe's research was mentioned in The Wall Street Journal article,  "America Has Too Much Parking. Really."

November 4, 2022

A 2017 study co-authored by C.J. Gabbe has helped bring about a new California parking space law aiming for affordable housing and climate change ‘win-win’.

October 21, 2022

C.J. Gabbe discusses in Inside Climate News a study he co-authored which shows mobile homes, the last affordable housing option for many California residents, are located on land more vulnerable to wildfires.