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Department of Environmental Studies and Sciences

Environmental Studies & Sciences

The Department of Environmental Studies and Sciences offers interdisciplinary programs of study leading to a bachelor of science in environmental science or environmental studies. A minor in environmental studies is also available. These programs provide students with the intellectual foundation they will need in addressing crucial environmental challenges of the 21st century such as human population growth, urban sprawl, deforestation, global climate change, waste disposal, air and water pollution, loss of biodiversity, and the need for renewable energy.

Breaking: Student fellowships for bird population research

Claire Pavelka '20 and Thomas Hayashi '20 will study climate change effects

Virginia Matzek studies hunting’s effect on ecological restoration
Virginia Matzek studies hunting as an ecosystem service

Matzek and research assistant collected data from hunters last fall and winter

Alumni Update: Amanda Vasquez '12

Environmental Programs Manager and MPA

James Wang
Alumni Update: James Wang '19

Fulbright Scholar in Paris

Alumni Update: Carlos Carrillo '14

Master of Public Administration at USC

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    Office 408-551-7086

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