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Department of Environmental Studies and Sciences

Academic Programs

Majors and Minor

The Department of Environmental Studies and Sciences offers interdisciplinary programs of study leading to a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science or a Bachelor of Science in Environmental Studies. Alternatively, students with any major may choose to minor in environmental studies.

In addition to fulfilling the undergraduate Core Curriculum, students must complete the requirements of this academic program.

Environmental Science Major

Environmental Studies Major

Environmental Studies Minor

Majors in ESS are expected to apply their knowledge outside the classroom by completing an approved internship or research experience, culminating in ENVS 198 (Environmental Proseminar). During their senior year, ESS students conduct research or an interdisciplinary group project with community stakeholders in ENVS 101 (Capstone Seminar).

ESS students are encouraged to study abroad. Courses such as ENVS 144 (Natural History of Baja L&L) include one week of immersion travel during University breaks. In addition, many summer and academic year courses taken through approved study abroad programs will count toward the requirements of the environmental studies and sciences majors and minors.

Each student works with a faculty advisor, who helps integrate the classroom curriculum with the student's plans for future study and/or work in environmental fields.

To declare a major or minor, fill out the SCU Registrar's Program Petition form.