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Department of Environmental Studies and Sciences

Stephanie Hughes


Stephanie Hughes

Senior Lecturer, Environmental Studies Institute

Curriculum Vitae (CV)

M.S., Environmental Engineering, Stanford University, 1990
M.S., Chemical Engineering, Stanford University, 1988
B.S., with High Distinction, Chemical Engineering, University of Minnesota, 1987

Teaching and Research Vision

I am a registered Chemical Engineer with more than 20 years of broad technical experience in air and water quality, including pollutant source characterization, chemical fate and transport, water and wastewater treatment, and regulatory permit compliance.

I began teaching in order to share what I have learned during my engineering career and provide case studies and practical examples to students of all majors, showcasing how little we still understand how to interact with our environment. I seek to encourage my students to think about our energy, mineral and water use as well as the materials (and industrial chemicals) we constantly consume, toss out, and flush.

I continue to provide consulting services to Bay Area municiplaties and utilities. Most of my current work is in water quality, assessing impacts and sources of heavy metals, pesticides, and salts into wastewater and stormwater systems. Past consulting experience includes managing water resources planning and design projects for California municipalities and special districts, including recycled water infrastructure, ocean and inland desalination, permitting compliance, and Integrated Regional Water Management Plans. I also served as Source Control Manager for the City of Palo Alto where I initiated a mercury pollution prevention program; developed the Sewer Science high school laboratory program; facilitated a stakeholder analysis of endocrine disruptors in reclaimed water; and co-authored a white paper regarding environmental fate of triclosan.


ENVS 10: The Joy of Garbage

ENVS 23: Soil, Water & Air

ENVS 80: Energy and the Environment

ENVS 95: Sustainable Living Undergraduate Research Project (SLURP)

ENVS 145: Environmental Technology


Proper Copper Pipe Installation, primary author of this tri-fold educational brochure, for BAPPG/BACWA, 2012.

Tracking Recycled Water Salinity, CWEA presentation, 2010.

Dental Offices and Water Pollution Control, co-author of this 4-page training document for dental staff, for BAPPG/ BACWA, August 2009.

Ensuring Compliance with Dental P2 in the SF Bay Mercury Watershed Permit, presentation for California Water Environment Association (CWEA) P3S Conference, March 2009.

Environmentally Responsible Dentistry, presentation to Foothill College Dental Hygiene and Dental Assistants Program, presented annually, 2003 through 2009. Now presenting annually at a dozen community colleges throughout the Bay Area for BAPPG and BACWA.

Copper Corrosion Control, presentation co-authored with Thomas Barron, P.E., and presented to plumbing unions and engineering associations, 2003. Now presenting updated version on behalf of BAPPG and BACWA, 2008 to present.

Lessons in Recycled Water Program Management, presentation to WEFTEC, October 2007 and California WateReuse Association, Newport Beach, March 2008.

Approach and Key Steps for Initiating a Dental Mercury Program, presentation at the BAPPG/CWEA workshop, ?Creating a Dental Amalgam Program,? December 2006.

Environmental Emergence of Triclosan, presentation at CWEA annual conference, Spring 2006.

Emerging Contaminants and the Challenges Ahead, presentation to the Central Valley Clean Water Agencies (CVCWA), February 2006.

Environmental Emergence of Triclosan, co-author of this White Paper as member of the Emerging Contaminant Workgroup, Santa Clara Basin Watershed Management Initiative, January 2006.

Discussion Paper on Pharmaceutical Disposal to Sewer Systems, co-author as member of the Emerging Contaminant Workgroup, Santa Clara Basin Watershed Management Initiative, February 2005.

Dental Amalgam Recovery Program, CWEA P3S Conference, Spring 2005.

Panel member of Emerging Contaminants: A Bitter Pill to Swallow? at California Water Policy 13, 2003.

Endocrine Disruptors and Regional Water Reuse Options, WateReuse Association meeting, San Francisco, 2003.

Capitalizing on SB 633 for Mercury Source Control, presentation to Bay Area Pollution Prevention Group, and other interested groups, 2002.

Mercury in Construction and Demolition, presented at workshop in Eureka, CA to about 150 C&D contractors and municipal staff, 2002.

Sewer Science Student Workbook, 1998, and Sewer Science Teacher Manual, 1999.

Biodegradability and Toxicity of Specific Refinery Wastes, Chevron Research Company, 1987.