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Department ofHistory

Course List by Geographical Area

Courses numbered 1 through 99 are lower division and are four units of credit. Courses numbered 100 through 199 number are upper division and are five units of credit.

Cultures & Ideas

11A Cultures & Ideas I
12A Cultures & Ideas II


Required for All Majors

100 Historical Interpretation
101S Historical Writing
Senior Seminar

Global History

21 Human Rights and Humanitarianism
43 The Haitian Revolution in World History and Memory
68 Global 1968
79 Technology: Steam to Cyborgs (UD/LD)
93 Cold War
102S Genocide and Gender in the 20th Century
104 World History Until 1492
116 Sex and Gender in the Age of High Imperialism
121 Human Rights and Humanitarianism
123 History of Plagues, Epidemics, and Infections
124 History of Sexually Transmitted Diseases
138S Gender and Rights in the Modern Era
143 The Haitian Revolution in World History and Memory 
145 Islam in the Modern World
153 Civil Rights and Anti-Colonial Movements
157 Black Atlantic Migrations
179 Technology: Steam to Cyborgs (UD/LD)
199 Directed Reading/Directed Research

United States

27 Public and Digital History (UD/LD)
African-American Pursuit of Freedom (UD/LD)
 Immigration and Race in the U.S. (UD/LD)
65 Parties & Presidents: U.S. Political History (UD/LD)
70 The American Revolution (UD/LD)
72 The Civil War Era (UD/LD)
75 Natives and Newcomers: Early North America (UD/LD)
83 North America: Peoples and Lands (UD/LD)
84 United States Women's History
85 United States Environmental History
96A Colonization, Revolution and Civil War: The United States, Origins to 1877
96B Globalization, Reform, and War: The United States, 1877 to Present
119 Gender, Sexuality & Social Movements in the 20th Century
127 Public and Digital History (UD/LD)
153 Civil Rights and Anti-Colonial Movements
155 African-American Pursuit of Freedom
156 African American History
158 Turmoil and Reform: United States 1877-1920
160 Immigration and Race in the U.S. (UD/LD)
165 Parties & Presidents: U.S. Political History (UD/LD)
168 Malcolm and Martin
170 The American Revolution (UD/LD)
171 The New Nation: U.S. From Hamilton to Jackson
172 The Civil War Era (UD/LD)
172A American Slavery/Emancipation
173 Flappers & Beatniks: The U.S. from 1920-1960
174 Protest and Activism: The U.S. in the 1960s and 1970s
175 Natives and Newcomers: Early North America (UD/LD)
176 Celebrity and Politics: U.S. 1980's to Present
177 Gays & Lesbians in United States History
178 Race and World War II
180 Native Americans of the United States
183 Whiteness and Immigration in the United States
184 North America: Peoples & Lands (UD/LD)
185 African Americans in Postwar Film
186 California
188S The Making of Modern America: The Progressive Era
189 Special Topics in United States History
199 Directed Reading/Directed Research


16 Ancient Greek Religion
17 Ancient Roman Religion
30 The French Revolution: An Introduction
39 Modern France and the World (UD/LD)
94 Europe
106 The Rise of Macedonia through the Youth of Alexander the Great
107 The World of Gladiators
108 Ancient Greece
109 The Hellenistic Age
110 Roman Republic
111 Roman Empire
113 Seeing: Visual Culture and Technology
115 Revolutions in Sex, Race and Rights
117 State & Church in the Middle Ages, 1000-1450
118 Representation, Rights, and Democracy, 1050-1792
120 The Crusades: Christian and Muslim Perspectives
122 The Holocaust
126 Conflicts in Medieval Christianity
128 Crime, Prostitution, and Poverty in Victorian London
131 Britain and the First World War
132 Democracy Under Siege: Ancient Athens and Modern America
133 History of Sexuality
134 Reformers & Revolutionaries in Tsarist Russia
136 Gender, Race and National Identity in 20th Century Eastern and Western Europe
137 The Soviet Experiment
139 Modern France and the World
199 Directed Reading/Directed Research

Africa, West Asia, Middle East

55 African American Pursuits of Freedom (UD/LD)
91 Africa in World History
97 West Asia and the Middle East
140 Black Internationalism in the Atlantic Era
141 Politics and Development in Independent Africa
144S Islam in Africa
149 Special Topics in African or Middle Eastern History
155 African American Pursuits of Freedom (UD/LD)
157 Black Atlantic Migrations
193S Seminar in Africa and Middle East History 
199 Directed Reading/Directed Research

East Asia, South Asia, Indian Ocean

54 Modern India (UD/LD)
Southeast Asia
92 Modern East Asia
146A Medieval and Early Modern Japan
146B Modern Japan in the World
147A Wonders of Ancient China
147B Modern China
150 Gender and Sexuality in East Asia
151 Race and Imperialism in East Asia
152 History of Christianity in China
154 Modern India (UD/LD)
199 Directed Reading/Directed Research

Latin America

43 The Haitian Revolution in World History and Memory (UD/LD)
64 Central America
95 Modern Latin America
143 The Haitian Revolution in World History and Memory(UD/LD)
161 Modern Mexico
162 Argentina
163 Cuba and the Caribbean
166 Latin America: Empires and Borderlands
169 Special Topics in Latin American History
199 Directed Reading/Directed Research