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Department ofHistory

Transfer Students

The History department welcomes transfer students as either majors or minors. Faculty members endeavor to shape advising and instruction to take advantage of students’ past education and look forward to their future goals.

Starting in 2021, Santa Clara University offers a scholarship for transfer students from local community colleges.

The scholarship, which was created to grow the university’s transfer student population, directly aligns with the vision of making SCU more affordable and accessible to a diverse student community.

Although transfer student applicants were previously eligible to receive need-based financial aid, the transfer scholarship marks a new opportunity for local applicants. The award ranges from $5,000 to $10,000 per academic year, and is renewable for up to three years, provided the student establishes and maintains good academic standing. Additionally, students who have been awarded scholarships from Bay Area community-based organizations (501c3) will receive up to $5,000 in additional matching funds per academic year, renewable for up to three academic years in consecutive quarters.

Hear what past transfer students say about their transfer experience

“One of the reasons I decided to transfer to Santa Clara University was to get better educational experiences, and I found professors at the History department extremely helpful and available. They were not just teachers but also mentors, sincerely interested in my intellectual journey. I was able to have so many interesting and challenging discussions with them, sometimes taking hours at a time, and this encouraged me to immerse myself in the learning. This made my two years at Santa Clara University truly a learning experience”
-Hansung Lee

"As a transfer student who has gone through the college application process twice, not counting enrolling in a junior college for two quarters, being a transfer student can be tough. You ought to have the same academic experience as everyone else, but many of the problems I experienced were social. It can feel isolating coming in after Freshman year, after everyone else went through that awkward phase of finding their friends and community, while I felt like I was doing it all alone. It as hard, but eventually I was able to find a place here in the history department and history club.

Don’t be afraid to introduce yourself to your classmates and make sure to spend some time exploring the SCU website looking for any extracurriculars or jobs pique your interest. Just know that no matter what may be making you anxious, be it loneliness, classes, or something else—you can do this."
-Brendan Conaway