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Amy E. Randall

Amy Randall

Associate Professor


Ph. D, History, Princeton University
M.A., History, Princeton University
B.A. magna cum laude Russian and Soviet Studies, Wesleyan University

Teaching at SCU

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Editor, Genocide and Gender in the Twentieth Century: A Comparative Survey (Bloomsbury Publishing, 2015).

Genocide and Gender in the Twentieth Century brings together a collection of some of the finest genocide studies scholars in North America and Europe to examine gendered discourses, practices and experiences of ethnic cleansing and genocide in the 20th century. It includes essays focusing on the genocide in Rwanda, the Armenian genocide in the Ottoman Empire, the Holocaust and ethnic cleansing and genocide in the former Yugoslavia.

The book looks at how historically- and culturally-specific ideas about reproduction, biology, and ethnic, national, racial and religious identity contributed to the possibility for and the unfolding of genocidal sexual violence, including mass rape. The book also considers how these ideas, in conjunction with discourses of femininity and masculinity, and understandings of female and male identities, contributed to perpetrators' tools and strategies for ethnic cleansing and genocide, as well as victims' experiences of these processes. This is an ideal text for any student looking to further understand the crucial topic of gender in genocide studies.

Early Reviews

Editor of "Soviet Masculinities," a special issue of Russian Studies in History: A Journal of Translations (Published M.S. Sharpe), 51:2 (Fall 2012). 

The Soviet Dream World of Retail Trade and Consumption in the 1930s (Basingstoke, UK and New York: Palgrave Macmillan, October 2008).

Articles and Essays

"The Emergence of the Soviet 'Citizen Consumer' in Comparative Perspective," in Material Culture in Russia from Peter the Great to Putin: Objects, Values, Identities, ed. Graham Roberts (forthcoming, Bloomsbury Publishers). 

"Introduction" in Genocide and Gender in the Twentieth Century: A Comparative Perspective, ed. Amy E. Randall (Bloomsbury Publishers, forthcoming 2015).

"Soviet Masculinities: Guest Editor's Introduction," Russian Studies in History 51:2 (Fall 2012): 3-12.

"'Abortion Will Deprive You of Happiness!': Soviet Reproductive Politics in the Post-Stalin Era," The Journal of Women's History 23:3 (2011): 13-38.

"The 'Right' to Control Her Own Body?: Soviet Women, Abortion and the State," and online essay for the Journal of Women's History for new web initiative, "Beyond the Printed Page," September 2011.

“Repealing the Ban on Abortion,” an invited essay for Seventeen Moments in History (, July 2010.

This academic website is an award winning on-line collection of primary source materials and writings on Soviet history edited by James von Geldern and Lewis Siegelbaum. In addition to this essay, I translated two primary documents ("Repeal of the Ban on Abortion" and "For you, Comrade Men"), selected and abridged a relevant excerpt on abortion from All Quiet on the Don (a Soviet novel), and selected and translated three Soviet public health posters for the website.

"Legitimizing Soviet Trade: Gender and Feminization of the Retail Workforce in the Soviet 1930s," Journal of Social History 37:4 (Summer 2004): 965-990).

"Revolutionary Bolshevik Work' -- Stakhanovism in Retail Trade," The Russian Review 59:3 (July 2000): 425-441.

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