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Latin American Studies

Mission Statement

  • Combines an analysis of social institutions and the processes of social, political, economic and cultural change of the nations and migrations of the Spanish- and Portuguese-speaking peoples in the Americas with language proficiency and cultural appreciation
  • Focuses on the role of Latin America in a globalizing world and the impact of transnational migrations from and to Latin America
  • Consists of an integrated curriculum that provide breadth and depth in the study of Latin America by requiring two foundational courses that provide students with an understanding of the two key historical periods in Latin American history as well as specialized courses dealing with specific countries or themes
  • Provides students with an understanding of the culture, history and contemporary political and social issues in Latin America and in immigrant Latino communities primarily in the United States, but also in other parts of the world where Latin Americans are emigrating such as Europe
  • Educates students in discipline specific or interdisciplinary research methods and analytical tools to investigate and analyze a topic in Latin American studies and/or the role of Latin Americans and/or Latinos living outside Latin America
  • Serves as a foundation for graduate studies in Latin America Studies leading to an advanced degree
  • Provides an innovative opportunity students seeking careers in business, government, international marketing, private development organizations because it links communities in Latin America with Latin American immigrant communities outside Latin America