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Department ofMathematics and Computer Science
Mathematics and computer science give two complementary ways to engage with our modern world.

Mathematics teaches you the timeless vocabulary of reason that underlies all sciences. Computer science gives you keys to unlock the power of modern technologies. Each field is both beautiful and fun, and each develops professional skills that are much in demand.

We offer courses with topics from timeless classics to emerging new fields. Our small class sizes encourage personal attention from professors and many of our students find connections to Silicon Valley companies. Our award-winning faculty members conduct research in diverse fields, and encourage undergraduate researchers to join them on the frontier of discovery. Our students go on to satisfying careers in the many sub-disciplines of mathematics and computer science, whether they pursue graduate study or start careers directly after graduation. Join us!

About Our Program

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science offers major programs leading to the bachelor of science in mathematics or the bachelor of science in computer science, as well as required and elective courses for students majoring in other fields. Either major may be pursued with any of three principal goals: preparation for graduate studies leading to advanced degrees in pure mathematics, applied mathematics, computer science, statistics, operations research, or other fields; preparation for secondary school teaching of mathematics or computer science; or preparation for a research career in business, industry, or government. The major in mathematics may be taken with an emphasis in applied mathematics, data science, financial mathematics, mathematical economics, or mathematics education. The emphasis in mathematics education is designed to prepare majors to take the California Subject Examination for Teachers (CSET). The major in computer science offers emphases specializing in algorithms and complexity, data science, security, software, or one of the student's choosing. Minors in mathematics or computer science are also available.


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