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Department ofModern Languages and Literatures

Honor Society and Awards

Phi Sigma Iota Honor Society

For study in a Classical or Modern Foreign Language

Phi Sigma Iota, the international foreign language honor society, was founded in 1922 at Allegheny College. The Beta Delta chapter was installed at Santa Clara University in 1982. The society recognizes remarkable ability and achievement in languages, literatures, and linguistics. It stimulates advanced work in these fields, fosters intercultural understanding, and promotes a spirit of amity between our own people and other peoples of the world.



The following honors and awards are given out based on nominations from the faculty of the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures. Students cannot apply for these awards.

Richard F. Rebello Phi Sigma Iota Award

Award or prize:  Prize amount varies

Senior specific: yes

Description: Established in 1986 by the family of the late Richard Rebello, a longtime University staff member, these awards are given by the Modern Languages Department to senior language majors for outstanding accomplishments in the study of a foreign language and culture. Awards will be given in three language major categories: French, Italian, and Spanish

Minimum requirements for eligibility of membership in Phi Sigma Iota:

  • Declared Major or Minor in a classical or modern foreign language
  • Junior or Senior status
  • Completion of four (4) upper-division courses in a language by Winter quarter of nomination year
  • Minimum GPA of 3.50 in language courses
  • Overall cumulative grade point average of 3.0 or higher


2023 - FRENCH: William Martinez;   SPANISH: Malik Williams;  ITALIAN: Ursula Roscigno

2022 - FRENCH: Mariella Beaurpere;   SPANISH: Caitlin Toth;  ITALIAN: Not awarded

2021 - FRENCH: Claire Thoms;   ITALIAN: Grace Lin-Cereghino;  SPANISH: Madeleine Doyle

2020 - FRENCH: Mia Hope;  ITALIAN: Sydney Altobell;  SPANISH: Erica Martinez

2019 - FRENCH: Kimmie Meunier;  ITALIAN: Sabina Zacco;  SPANISH: Mike Gomez

2018 - Jenna Salinas

2017 - Maria Magdalena Quiroz Hernandez

2016 - Laura Heppell and Elizabeth Sherwin

2015 - Emilie White

2014 - Kyra Sjarif

2013 - Katherine Edgecumbe

2012 - Maria Guzman and Kristina Woodcock

2011 - Yajaira Morales and Francisco Yanez

2010 - Jessica Rice

2009 - Janna Goebel and Kathryn Ranney

2008 - Catherine Waite

2007 - Therese Mathis and Mary Scudder

2006 - No award presented

2005 - Gemma Landeza and Marshall Mort

2004 - Larkin Philbin

2003 - No award presented

2002 - Charlotte Vallaeys

2001 - Diana Bushnell and Juan-Carlos Orellana and Ruth Robledo

2000 - Eric Brilliant

1999 - No award presented

1998 - Sara Garcia and Erin Kimura

1997 - Maki Kanayama and Rima Lanning

1996 - Bridget Birkby and Laura Sewell

1995 - Nancy Nakatani and Kim Schneider and Rose Valles

1994 - Kathleen Goforth and Caroline Zodrow

1993 - Piero Isola and Sarah Jones

1992 - Rachel Cohen and Kenneth Schwartz and Giulia Carcione

1991 - Catherine Kuchera

1990 - Christopher Bowen and Michelle Markham

1989 - Katrina Li

1988 - Jeanette Davis and Christine Fierro

1987 - Deborah Whalen

The Celeste Fritchle Award

Award: Prize amount varies

Senior specific: Yes

Description: Established in 2003 by the friends and family of the late Celeste Fritchle, a longtime University staff member, this award is given by the Department of Modern Languages and Literatures to a senior student with a declared major in Modern Languages and Literatures who has excelled in the study of more than one foreign language.


2023 - Gabriel (Brendan) Webb, Angelica Alvarez

2022 - Carmen Ocazionez

2021 - Kenneth Gabel and Grace Gibson

2020 - No prize awarded

2019 - Hannah Zahn

2018 - Aleria Amaral

2017 - No prize awarded

2016 - Maria Magdalena Quiroz Hernandez

2015 - Ashlyn Brundy

2014 - Laura Kevranian

2013 - Rebecca Ann Carruthers and Ana Maria Burgos-Solis

2012 - No prize awarded

2011 - Laura Murillo

2010 - Cassandra Illich

2009 - Daniel Filice

2008 - No prize awarded

2007 - Billie Parish

2006 - Sarah Korte

The Pancrazio and Giulia Infantino Italian Studies Award

Award or Prize: Prize amount varies
Senior specific: Senior only

Description: The purpose of the Pancrazio Infantino Italian Award is to cultivate and encourage the pursuit of the Italian language and culture at Santa Clara University. In allocating funds for this award, preference will be given to students who have an understanding of the experiences, values, and traditions of Italian culture, primarily demonstrated by a declared major in Italian, but also with respect to participation in Italian cultural programs, such as Casa Italiana or an Italian immersion experience. 


2023 - Gabriella von Esmarch

2022 - Not awarded

2021 - Gabriella Ballardo

2020 - Amanda Wucher

2019 - Joshua Kendall 

2018 - Prize not awarded

2017 - Emma Farrell

2016 - Mary Basile

2015 - Ashlyn Brundy

2014 - Daniel Gherardi

2013 - Marie Galetto

2012 - Julia Detweiler

2011 - Stephanie Mazzoncini

2010 - Cherie Austin

2009 - Michael Salemi

2008 - Paolo Braccini

2007 - Salvatore Rancadore

2006 - Stephanie Pocino



The Geoff & Josie Fox German Award

Award or Prize:  $500

Senior specific: yes

Description: The Geoff & Josie Fox German Studies Award recognizes excellent overall achievement in the study of German. It is given to an outstanding German student who has completed intermediate German and studied in a German-speaking country. Furthermore, it acknowledges the student's critical awareness of the diversity of these countries as well as her or his contributions to the promotion of German on and off campus.


2022 - Franziska Heilig

2021 - Anne-Claire Tande

2020 - Jolivet Henning

2019 - Said Hassan

2018 - Francesca Hellebrandt and Max Rauenbuehler

2017 - Aleria Amaral

2016 - Naemi Kuehn

2015 - Taylor Wakefield

2014 - Scott Wheaton

2013 - Christina Keating and Amy Tamayo

2012 - Laura Sylvan

2011 - Curtis Wheaton

2010  - Jennifer Mock

2009 - Benjamin Snyder

2008 - No prize awarded

2007 - Therese Mathis

2006 - Kimberly Essen

The French & Francophone Studies Prize

Award or Prize:  Prize amount varies

Senior specific: yes

Description: Award will be given to a graduating senior with a declared major in French & Francophone Studies, who has shown academic excellence in the study of French and Francophone language, literature, and culture.


2023 - Bianca Romero, Naiya DeLaure

2022 - Chloe Stedman

2021 - Catherine Golinvaux

2020 - Henry Godfrey and Alexis Miller

2019 - Tess Gunnels and Sophie Pollock

2018 - Trent Carlson and Laurel Fisher

2017 - Ariana Cvitanic and Claire Gutowsky

2016 - Erika Kent

2015 - No prize awarded

2014 - Amanda Waldron

2013 - No prize awarded

2012 - Adam Ringler

The Francisco Jiménez Scholar Prize

Awarded to:  Junior (rising Senior)

Award amount:  Prize amount varies

Description:  This award recognizes outstanding accomplishment by a rising senior, first-generation student who represents Prof. Jiménez’s indefatigable passion for learning and compassion for others.  A preference will be given to students majoring or minoring in Modern Languages, Ethnic Studies, or Latin American Studies with future plans to become a teacher, writer, or scholar.


2023 - Sarahi Espinoza Salamanca

2022 - Valery Marin Revolorio

2021 - Jacqueline Ramirez

2020 - Gloria Sevilla

2019 - Erica Martinez

2018 - Héctor Martínez

2017 - Jason Nguyen

2016 - Thelma Valádez

2015 - Angelica Delgado