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Department ofModern Languages and Literatures


Miller Center

Maria Khouri-Haddad '19

“I was sent to Morocco as a Global Fellow to work with a social enterprise promoting women artistry. I was based in Marrakech at the time and was pleasantly surprised to find that most people there spoke French fluently in addition to Arabic and Berber. I imagine the experience would have been a lot less productive had I not been well-versed in the French language.”



Ellie Bollard '20

"As one of the SCU Global Fellows, I spent two months this summer in Bolivia working with ReVerdeSer, an NGO focused on sustainable farming and holistic resource management. Most of the people we worked with only spoke Spanish, so it forced me to practice and improve my language skills as well as pick up the local dialect. Overall, it was a very successful project and through our efforts we were able to secure funding for ReVerdeSer. Being fully immersed in a Spanish speaking country and working in a professional setting with locals has been an invaluable experience. At first I was nervous to live in a country with Spanish as the primary language, but SCU prepared me well and this experience strengthened my Spanish skills more than I could have imagined."